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Asbestos killed thousands of homeowners every year. They can cause mesothelioma, lung cancer, and other fatal diseases. Know if you’re home has them by calling Boston Environmental and Contracting Inc. today. We follow strict federal and state guidelines for your asbestos abatement. Learn more about asbestos and our service in Washington, DC by reading below.

Where It Can Be Found?

Although they are rampant in homes built in 1978, they can still be found on properties built as late as 1986. They can be on the paint, cement products, flooring, roofing, pipes, tiles, gaskets, furnaces, and even on wall insulation.

How to Know if You Have It In Your Home?

There are three types of asbestos namely; crocidolite, amosite, and chrysotile. They usually come in blue, brown, and white color. Unfortunately, you can’t just identify them with those factors since there are a lot of safe construction materials that come with the same look. It’s important to take note that asbestos that fell off from the coated surface are microscopic. They don’t smell anything too so you got to hire a certified company for the asbestos survey.

How Will We Do the Abatement?

Before taking any action, we’ll inspect the site to gather some samples. We’ll also determine if there’s also a need for the removal. Depending on the situation, we may suggest an asbestos repair. We’ll coat the hazardous surface with a sealant or an airtight material to keep the fiber from becoming airborne.

We’ll seal the entire place with a sheet during the asbestos abatement. We’ll also install HEPA and air ducts. No authorized personnel can enter once the project commences. Before disposing of the material on the approved site, we’ll perform another inspection to ensure that all fibers have been removed.

Are you looking for a reliable company in Washington, DC for your asbestos abatement? Call Boston Environmental and Contracting Inc. today at (202) 526-4045.

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