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A Committed Environmental Consultant That Can Protect the Environment and Your Business

Once a private operation affects public safety and comfort, being a socially responsible stakeholder is no longer an option for developers. It becomes a basic requirement. Failing to meet the environmental laws and regulations in Washington, DC can lead to penalties, suspension, and legal actions against the expensive endeavor. Avoid such problems by calling Boston Environmental and Contracting Inc. today. We’re a trusted environmental consultant with years of experience in various industrial projects.

What Can We Do?

We aid businesses with their research, development, and project implementation by thoroughly analyzing which parts of it impact the environment and the public’s safety. We introduce different solutions to help clients’ minimize or eliminate the risks. You can always call us, especially if you’re demolishing buildings with asbestos or if you want to check if your toxic waste disposal plan has met the requirements.

We can do more. Don’t hesitate to consult us before acquiring properties or working on a hazardous substance. Any issues that will impact the quality of air, water, and land are part of our area of expertise.

Why Choose Our Company?

Boston Environmental and Contracting Inc. has been providing quality environmental consulting services to businesses and public agencies since 2006. Our team is experienced, not to mention that the service itself is very affordable! The efficiency of our team in delivering accurate results won’t let you down.

We’re very excited to coordinate with your assigned team for the development of your action plan. For more questions about our consulting services, call us right away so that we can assist you. To know more about our level of competitiveness, we can show you our profile, including the names of some big projects we’ve participated in the past and what are they all about.

Are you looking for a reliable environmental consultant in Washington, DC? Make sure to contact Boston Environmental and Contracting Inc. at (202) 526-4045.

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