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A Trusted Demolition Contractor for Selective Demolitions Since 2006

Selective demolition is done on a structurally sound building that will only need interior upgrades. Since it requires extreme accuracy, we highly recommend owners to work with experienced companies like Boston Environmental and Contracting Inc. to avoid damage to important components. We have been here since 2006, and our demolition contractor has done the job to hundreds of business establishments and homes in Washington, DC. When it comes to skills and knowledge, we know we can live up to your expectations.

What Is the Process?

Our selective demolition service starts with a survey. We’ll check the properties of every structural material and devise plans on how they’ll be removed. Some materials will go to storage for later use. Others can go to recycling facilities. We’ll also explain to our clients how they’ll be transported out from the building.

To complete the preparation phase, we’ll also consult plumbers and electricians to cap off utilities. Leaving them on can pose risks to our demolition contractor. It can also disrupt the operation which we want to avoid. Only after this, we’ll start stripping down the materials. We’ll make sure that load-bearing elements won’t get destroyed in the process. For more specific information, don’t hesitate to consult our demolition contractor. Our approach may vary depending on the nature of the project.

Why Choose Our Company?

Boston Environmental and Contracting Inc. has an impressive track record when it comes to demolishing homes. We don’t have problems demolishing an old property, especially if it has harmful chemicals that shouldn’t be discharged on air at any means.

Our selective demolition service is quite affordable, not to mention that our process strictly meets the standards set by the respective organization and federal policies. We also take pride in our cutting-edge tools which allow us to deliver fast and top-notch selective demolition.

Are you looking for a reliable demolition contractor in Washington, DC? Call Boston Environmental and Contracting Inc. today at (202) 526-4045.