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Let Our Environmental Engineer Help You Become a Socially Responsible Owner

Many old homes, specifically ones that are still built in the 1980s, contain asbestos and other chemicals that are very dangerous to your health. Exposure to contaminants can lead to the scarring of the lungs, severe respiratory issues, and even death. To keep them from spreading during the renovation or remodeling, contact Boston Environmental and Contracting Inc. so that our environmental engineer can help you. We’re ready to help transform your property in Washington, DC using the safest and most strategic approach.

What We Can Do?

Our environmental engineer will research the site, analyzing and finding components in the building that can impact the public’s safety and the environment’s interests once removed. Once we’ve identified them, we’ll come up with a proper plan to handle and dispose of them. We’ll introduce clients to different solutions that can eliminate the risks that might appear in the first phase of the remodeling. We’ll proceed further by making sure that your next remodeling plans won’t contain actions that can impact the quality of air, water, and land.

Why Choose Our Company?

Boston Environmental and Contracting Inc. has been helping both residential owners and businesses for having safe and environmentally friendly remodeling projects since 2006. We’re a trusted brand, and we’ll continue to do so by meeting the newly set standards of the industry. Check out our portfolio to know the popular people and renowned companies we’ve worked with before.

When it comes to experience and professionalism, our environmental engineer won’t fall short of your expectations. We care not only about the materials but also about the process. As an expert in remodeling too, we’ll gladly share our expertise to help you come up with cost-effective yet strategic solutions for your property, which you can benefit not only during the implementation but also years after it.

Are you looking for a reliable environmental engineer in Washington, DC? Call Boston Environmental and Contracting Inc. today at (202) 526-4045.