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What Does an Environment Consultant Do?

Want to Make Sure You Business’ Footprint Is Negligible?  

An environmental consultant is a professional that will work with a company to assess what environmental issues they may face. They are the ones who are responsible for assuring companies strictly adhere to all local environmental regulations. They will also suggest different ways a company does their business which is in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Environmental consultants will normally possess a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree in environmental science, engineering, or other such sciences. Some will even have a Master’s degree. They must possess a clear understanding of all the environmental laws and regulations which will affect corporations and small businesses alike. They will enter this field in 2 ways, either from an environmental side or the industry side.

From the environmental side, they will need to concentrate on ways that a business can improve its overall impact on the environment. This can range from increasing sustainability. A prime example of this is to a logging company to plant a tree for every one they cut down. They could also suggest more efficient ways to power a company, or to cut back on waste.

On the industry side, an environmental consultant is often hired to perform a hazard assessment with regard to lead or asbestos. They could prepare diligence reports before a site is bought. These reports are based on research into what the previous use of the site was, they will also check for any possible contamination. They may also do field surveys, and create a baseline for pollution and contamination to compare after a business moves in. They could also help a company to avoid any costly fees, legal actions, or ill-advised transactions which could be a result of the company not being aware of the environmental regulations that are already in place.

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